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Text only DAISY3 format with EasyReader Express.
DAISY is an international standard for accessible digital talking books maintained by the DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) Consortium, an international NGO.
The DAISY books are attached with the EasyReader Express which is a DAISY playback software. You can just download the file, install and press space bar to start playback Text To Speech (TTS) audio narration. Press up down arrow for heading navigation and right left arrow for sentence navigation.
When you install, if the Windows protection show up, please select "detailes" and then select "run" to launch EasyReader Express.
For more information, please refer to How to use EasyReader Express?



Accessible version made available by The Nippon Foundation's grant.
ISDR holds Copyright of the original document.
MS Word / DAISY versions generated by the technical expertise of ATDO.
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